Online Dividends developed a multilevel affiliate program for investors and a one level affiliate program for users without an investment, allowing anyone to maximize their online earnings in a secure and stable manner.

By developing an extensive partner network, our members are able to achieve higher financial expectations with minimum risk. Online Dividends makes passive income an easy opportunity available to all.


To take part in our affiliate program, you just need to have an Online Dividends personal account. Every participant receives a unique referral link, they can use for invitation of new investors that want to use our company services to make their own investment. Affiliate commissions are accrued automatically on Online Dividends account.

For members without an investment, rewards are calculated from the total of partners attracted investments.

5% from the investment amount of an invitee

For members with an investment, rewards are calculated from the total of partners attracted investments and investments attracted by partners of lower lines according to the following scheme:

6% from the investment amount of a first line partner
2% from the investment amount of a 2nd line partner
1% from the investment amount of a 3rd line partner

Representatives commissions are upgraded to:
10% - 4% - 2% correspondingly.

Representative is a person who helps new investors to overcome technical or non technical issues they may have. Representative status can be achieved by members with an investment, after individual approval. If you wish to become one, please contact us. Once your profile has been reviewed and approved, we will notify you by email.


  • 1 You are an investor and personally invited John to the company
  • 2 John is a 1st line partner
  • 3 He invested $1 000 to Paid Weekly company's plan
  • 4 You receive 6% from John's investments that is $60
  • 5 John, in his turn, invited Bob and Frank (your 2nd line partners)
  • 6 Bob invested $2 000 to Paid Monthly company's plan
  • 7 Frank invested $1 000 to Paid Daily company's plan
  • 8 You receive 2% from Bob's investment and 2% from Frank's investment that is $40 + $20
  • 9 John receives 6% from Bob's and Frank's investment that is $120 + $60