Terms & Conditions

Last revision: September 2022

Before proceeding to the registration, be sure to review these terms.

Usage of Online Dividends services means that you have read, understood, and agree with all terms listed in this Agreement, and that you will accept and follow them.

1. General Terms

1.1. Online Dividends operates only online and is solely responsible for the content of this website.

1.2. If any provision of these terms shall be deemed unlawful by a court of law, then the impugned provision shall be deemed severed and shall not affect the validity and enforce ability of any remaining provisions.

1.3. Online Dividends is NOT a licensed bank or security. Online Dividends is not registered with any regulatory bodies, such as SEC, NASD or other similar organizations from other jurisdictions.

2. Rights and responsibilities of the company

2.1. Investment services of Online Dividends are only provided to individuals who are registered on the website and whith an active account.

2.2. Deposits are considered a part of payouts and may not be refunded.

2.3. The Company carry out payments of profits in accordance with the terms of the investment plans.

2.4. Deposits to the account are processed automatically. The speed of Bitcoin processing is determined by the circumstances of Bitcoin operations, and Online Dividends does not accept responsibility for delays related to how Bitcoin works. Same applies to other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

2.5. Online Dividends does not accept responsibility for delays caused by maintenance performed on payment system websites.

2.6. Online Dividends retains the right to perform maintenance on the company's website and does not accept responsibility for delays related to maintenance.

2.7. Online Dividends will not disclose any information, under any circumstances, about the Client's activities on this website.

2.8. Online Dividends will not share Client data with third parties.

2.9. Online Dividends will notify the Client of any delays that arise and of temporary unavailability of the website in the News section of the website or by email.

3. Rights and duties of the Client

3.1. The Client must accept and follow the rules of Online Dividends.

3.2. The Client while filling in the registration form is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

3.3. The Client can only create one Online Dividends account.

3.4. The Client may choose any of these electronic payment systems to make deposits with: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USDTTRX (USDT TRC20).

3.5. The Client execute all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and their own risk. The amount of the deposit is determined personally by the project participant.

3.6. The Client has the right to participate in the affiliate program and earn the associated rewards.

3.7. Referral links must not be used in mass mailings (spam). On violation of this rule, the corresponding account is blocked without any guarantee that the deposited amount will be returned to the Client.

4. Revisions and Addenda

4.1. Online Dividends reserves the right to modify or add to these Terms & Agreement at any time and for any reason without notifying any clients beforehand.

4.2. Online Dividends reserves the right to change the commissions, plan rates, terms and/or conditions mentioned for Online Dividends program, at any given time and at our sole discretion, with respect to the integrity and security of our client’s interests. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the most updated version of our terms & conditions of service listed in here, to which you are bound. Certain provisions of our terms and/or conditions of use may be superseded by other legal notice, located in other parts of Online Dividends official site.

4.3. A Client's continuing usage of the Online Dividends services after modification of the Terms & Agreement signifies their agreement to the modifications made.

5. Disclaimer of Liability

5.1. Online Dividends is not responsible and/or liable for any internal or external loss of funds due to password sharing and/or identity theft.

5.2. You agree to hold Online Dividends harmless from any loss and/or liability to your principals (original funds), therefore, do not transfer money to our company that you cannot afford to lose, as you are spending it at your own risk.

5.3. You accept sole responsibility for any and all appropriate taxes as charged by your own country, and hereby indemnify Online Dividends and its owners of such liability.

5.4. You agree to not post negative votes on public forums and/or any rating sites without contacting Online Dividends support team at first. There may have been a temporary technical problem so please make sure to always try to resolve any kind of issues and/or difficulties that may arise with our support team.

6. Links to Third Party Websites

6.1. The company website may contain images and links to third party websites. Online Dividends does not control these linked sites and therefore is not responsible for the content on any linked site, which includes without limitation any link on a linked site, and/or any updates or changes to any linked site. Furthermore, Online Dividends has no responsibility for web casting or other types of transmissions that are received from any of these linked sites, nor does Online Dividends have any responsibility if any linked site is malfunctioning or not working properly. Online Dividends provides these links as a convenience to you only and by including a link, this does not simply an endorsement from Online Dividends for the site or that we are associated in any way with its operators. It is your responsibility to view and abide by the terms of use and privacy policy posted by the linked sites.

6.2. Dealings of any sort that you engage in with third parties on any linked site, including payment for and delivery of services and other representations, warranties, conditions or terms associated with these dealings are completely between you and the particular third party. Online Dividends does not assume any responsibility or liability at all for any aspect of these dealings. Any personal information disclosed to or collected by the third party is governed only by the privacy policy of the third party, including any agreement or consent between you and this third party related to their collection, disclosure or use.

7. Cookies

7.1. Online Dividends does on occasion use cookies in an effort to better serve our users. A cookie is a tiny bit of information that a website places on your computer, which can be retrieved later by your browser. Cookies cannot actually be read by any other website except the one that placed the cookie there.

7.2. Online Dividends uses cookies for certain administrative purposes. Cookies allow us to store information and data that you have already given to us, so that we won’t need to ask you for it again. Cookies also enable Online Dividends to determine what parts of our website users and members like most, and which parts are not as well liked. No individually identifiable information is collected for this purpose. None of the cookies would contain any information that would allow someone to contact you through email, regular mail or telephone. You can manipulate the settings on your browser to alert you when a cookie is placed or to prevent any cookies from being placed on your computer.

8. Anti-Spam Policy

8.1. Spam is commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail, including "junk mail", which has not been requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam.

8.2. We will not tolerate SPAM, and/or any type of UBE/UCE in connection to this site.

8.3. It is strictly forbidden to use spam technologies, including for purposes of promoting one’s referral links. Should the use of spam be detected, the client’s account will be deleted.

If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further.